Frequently Asked Questions

MECCANICA SUGAMOSTO processes different types of materials such as stainless steel AISI 304/316, iron C40/45, anticorodal, bronze, copper, brass, hardening materials, plastics.
MECCANICA SUGAMOSTO is able, on request, to provide the certification of the material used in mechanical machining.
We carry out work on customer-supplied material for machining, but we also offer a machining service which includes the supply of the raw material.
If our customer decides to use our raw materials, we offer technical support in choosing the most suitable materials, surface treatments and geometries for the type of processing to be carried out.
MECCANICA SUGAMOSTO is able to carry out any machining of parts falling within the following measures:
  • milling: 5000x1200x2000 mm.
  • turning: ø 230 mm.
  • turning by conventional lathes: ø 600 mm.
Yes, we carry out all the surface treatments on the specific design of the customer, thanks to a consolidated collaboration with several companies who guarantee rapid response, prmpt delivery time anche superior service. In matter of delivery times of mechanical components to be treated, we reserve ourselves a few additional days/ one week from the completion of the machining.
Yes, upon request and a specific agreement we make assemblies of parts of our production.
Yes, our quotes are free, personalized and non-binding. For a correct and rapid formulation of the offer we need the following information:
  • 2D/3D drawings
  • quantity
  • information on the type of supply:
    • if It is a continuous supply or a single prototyping;
    • sif it includes the supply of the raw material or the material is provided;
    • if additional processing/surface treatments are required.
  • special requirements for delivery times
No, our production flexibility allows us to satisfy any type of order from small (on request, even of a single component) to large quantities. The number of pieces per order will affect on the cost and the sale price.
We agree with our customers times and methods of delivery at time of order. In case of urgent orders, we seek to optimize the production steps and, if necessary, review our agenda to meet the demand for faster delivery.
Yes, on demand, we can collect the raw material from our customer, charging the shipping costs incurred
Yes, depending on the distances, we deliver the goods ready with our transport or we arrange a delivery via courier, charging the relating costs.
Of course, send your request to: